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February 11, 2011
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YJ +Treasures Untold+ by dou-hong YJ +Treasures Untold+ by dou-hong
Entry for :iconfanartsociety:'s contest!


EDIT: HI GUYS! Just wanted to let you know that there's a new forum dedicated to Young justice in the link above. It's very small, but it's growing very fast! Check it out if you have time!


And when I thought Robin couldn't get any tinier, I go and do this to him... and to the rest of the cast as well! I know, I know, Speedy's technically not on the team, but look at him! He's got so much angst in him, that I felt bad, and included him in the picture. I think he'll have even more angst just because Artemis's fabulous hair is still in his way.

I based their respective ages on the level of maturity that I observed in the show. Even though Speedy's technically the oldest (18?) he's one of the youngest looking. Likewise, Aqualad looks a lot older than the rest of them, even though he's the second oldest behind Speedy. Robin's still the tiniest though. I will never give him the satisfaction of making him taller/bigger than anyone else! Miss Martian loves chocos, and even though Superboy says he hates monkeys, he still has a soft spot for stuffed ones. Wally's a little tubey, but that's what he gets when he eats so much candy. Aqualad's generally a very nice kid who will read books for children near the ocean about mermaids (and maybe secretly inside, he sympathizes with Ariel about overprotective guardians). Pardon the attempted background. I will go on to say that I have no background experience rendering.... backgrounds. :3 But it's always been a goal in the back of my mind.

Lineart is below!


As for the show, YJ continues to impress, and I was especially happy to see Black Canary featured in "Schooled." She sounded a lot huskier than I was imagining, but her character interaction of the team was great. I was tickled and very amused to see Amazo swinging Superman around and around. It was like watching a parent swinging a child around, but with clearly less affection. It actually made me giggle out loud. Bibbo's Diner was a nice scene, and it's just cool to see the YJ team gel together. I am heavily anticipating the introduction of Artemis. Btw. The word of the day is aster. Say it outloud, use it in a conversation. :3


SWAN DIVE AQUALAD? Just watch it. You will be terribly amused. You might even laugh outloud.

Download for this picture is huge!
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AWW THEY'RE SO ADORABLE (Mostly Robin cuz I luv him)
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Too adorable! OMG! :love:
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Oh my gosh, red tornado is a doll
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HAHA lol i like how red arrow or speedy is just watching them lol 
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what is going on with miss martians face
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this is super cute :D Love your style :D 
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They all look so cute! Specially Artemis with the pigtails. And Superboy/Connor with the monkey. 
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