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My first place winner ScoobyProductions has decided to give
the prize to someone else, so I will be choosing another winner. I know
that many of you have already entered, but if haven’t, click the link
above to do so. Normally my giveaways last a week, but I already went
through this once, it will only last a day. I will pick the winner again
tomorrow (2-15-16) at noon PT.

Thank you Scooby for allowing me to pick another winner, and Happy Valentines to everyone! :)

One more chance to win!


1. Subscribe to me on Youtube
2. Leave a comment in the comment box below telling me your favorite character on Steven Universe! (ON YOUTUBE)

I also plan on doing SU re-watches in preparation for Steven Bomb 4 on Jan 4th. Hopefully that comes to fruition, and I will let you guys know when I do that! :)

Have a great holiday everyone! :)


Dou Hong
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Character/Prop Designer working for Nickelodeon for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 show).

+ART STORE+ with :iconkwestone:


Experience (Recent on top)
Nickelodeon- TMNT
Cartoon Network- Ben 10: Omniverse
Yellow Tracksuit Entertainment- Various Animations, IP Development
Hasbro Toys- Vehicles
Spinmaster Toys- Bakugan


Steven Universe: Bismuth Fusions (added names)

 First Merge Rainbow Quartz + Opal by dou-hong Steven Universe: Steven Fusions by dou-hong Forced Gem Fusions Pt. 2 by dou-hongForced Gem Fusions by dou-hongSteven Universe: Rose Fusions by dou-hong

Fusion List: Bismuth | Lapis [1] | Pearl/Garnet | Rose[1][2] | Steven |Stevonnie | Gemsonas [1][2][3][COMP][Size Chart] Gemsonas in SU [1][2]Fanart of my Gemsonas

“Bismuth” was the half hour special I always wanted! Haha, awesome, awesome episode! Here are some fusions designs that have been floating around my brain ever since I first saw the rainbow warrior. Feels good to get back on track, so thank you all for being patient with me. I plan on more sheets soon, maybe focusing on Peridot or Jasper

I know that I haven’t posted here in a long time, but I have been a bit busy with my youtube channel. I have uploaded a review for nearly every episode in Steven Nuke so far, so join me for discussion!


Any suggestions for the next batch of fanart? :)

Blue Beetle Animated Villain Sheet +FINAL LINE-UP+
Update 4-27-16
I have updated my characters designs from four years ago. It's been a long time coming, and I've always wanted to take a second stab at my designs from college. I hope that you like it! ;) I never got the chance to design a heroes sheet, only a villains sheet, but now I'm slowly working on that as well. Can't have villains without some heroes! ;) 

If you want to see and download the original, please click here!
  • The Blue Beetle logo is from the Comic Books
  • The Squids are a direct reference to SquidKidsInk (permission granted)


Thanks to :Auracliane:!!!

Thanks to her, I finally figured out how to allow people to join the club below. I apologise, I
know I've said that people can join, but I was just a complete derp when it came to the settings
of the club. XD Membership is finally now open!


Also guys, my Blue Beetle Designs were featured on <a wytiwyg="1" href="… wytiwyg=" 1"="">Project Rooftop! I actually
didn't know this until I saw something on Tumblr. XD Go figure that people don't tell me these things....

<a wytiwyg="1" href="<br wytiwyg=" 1"="">My Portfolio!
<a wytiwyg="1" href="… wytiwyg=" 1"="">My Blog
<a wytiwyg="1" href="<br wytiwyg=" 1"="">My Tumblr

Picture since the series ^^

Blue Beetle Animated Villain Sheet +FINAL LINE-UP+ by dou-hongBlue Beetle Animated Villain Sheet Two by dou-hongBlue Beetle Animated Villain Sheet One by dou-hongBlue Beetle Animated with Jaime Reyes by dou-hong

Arranged them in rainbow order.

This is the final villain sheet! I added 9 new villains, and instead of having the last 9 on
a separate sheet, I figured it would be better to compile all the designs on one sheet, with
super brief bios underneath them. ^^ It also gives you a better sense of scale.

New characters added from left to right:

La Dama
Spider Spaulding

Now onto the bios! From top to bottom, left to right. These will be quick! If there is a
bio in italics, then that character is a an existing villain. If it doesn't, then it's a new
character that I made up.

Bios for the existing characters were found Here!

She's beautiful no doubt, but underneath that brilliant smile lies a cold hearted killer. What
she wants, she goes after, and if she has to tear you apart, then that's what she'll do. Using her
mastery over magnetic fiends, she can command any metal. Another side effect of her extreme magnetic
fields is the possibility of her opponents vision and circulatory systems (hearts and the iron in blood)
severely impaired.

I always thought it was the scariest thing if you were a superhero and you were fighting against something
that can't be seen, like nano-probes or magnetic fields. Combine those powers with a being who is extremely
prideful, it is a terribly intriguing pairing. I wouldn't necessarily say that she completely parallels Magneto in his
views about non-mutants, but it's close. She's not really sure what to think about Jaime since he does display
super powers, but she knows that it's due to his scarab.

She has no concept of how frail humans actually are. She just doesn't understand that people can't hold their
breaths that long or how quickly a person can expire if they're bleeding, which makes her extremely dangerous
and difficult to control. Her motivations are unclear, as is her race/origin.

She also has to be aware of controlling her magnetic fields around her fellow villains. Some of them are
especially sensitive to magnetic changes.

Todd Van III, scion of a wealthy family, defied his father, who thought he would never amount
to anything on his own, by secretly forming the Squids, a team of crooks armed with amphibious
uniforms dotted with suction cups that allowed them to scale tall buildings.

SQUIDS! Be aware of these little suckers, since once they land on your head and integrate themselves
into your neural function, you'll be at their mercy!

So obviously the squids now are literally squids. I had come up with a couple of designs of men in squid
suits, or anthropomorphic squid people, but they kept looking.... thundercat-ish, which wasn't working for
the design. These are similar to Starro and Starro's "offspring." There is one giant squid who command's
all the squids.

The aunt of Jamie's friend Brenda, Amparo Cardenas is the biggest crime lord in El Paso, Texas,
and the closest thing to an archenemy for Jamie. She is well aware of his dual identity and Jaime
being well aware of Amparo's duel identity.

Nothing changed here!

She's deadly. And classy. And Jaime might have a mini-crush on her... well, until he finds out that she's like
the ultimate mob boss.

Ancient nusiance or modern pest? No one's quite sure how old he is, but all everyone knows is that
he smells like dust and antiques. He never takes his wrappings off, but he can use them as super
sharp whip swords that can cut through almost everything with frightening accuracy.

I wanted a mummy character. It had to be done. XDD Although when I look at him a little more, he does
look a little underdressed.

She has the ability to absorb kinectic energy and release it when she wants to. She is extremely
powerful physically and uses the weights on her lights and arms to keep her power in check. One
punch or kick is enough to launch you hundreds of feet.
Seriously, those weights on her arms and legs can weigh thousands of pounds or only a few oz. It just
depends on how much energy that she currently has, and it's been speculated that her weights can become
tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds. The disadvantage is that obviously the heavier her weights and
the more energy that she absorbs, she becomes slower. But it takes a lot of weight for her to become
inefficiently slow. She's one tough cookie, but she definitely has a soft side.

I'm imagining her character to be more or less confused about who she is and what she represents. On
one hand, she gets immense satisfaction in demolishing things, but is perfectly capable of feeling guilt
and shame. I think if there was one character besides PITCH BLACK that could have the capability of
being a hero/anti-hero, it would be her.

Her weakness are being suspended. If she's levitated in the air, her powers are essentially useless unless
her weights are extremely heavy. If she hasn't absorbed any energy, her weights are extremely light, and
she's a sitting duck.

When you've got a body like diamonds, it's pretty hard to beat you down. He has to power to transform his
body into pure diamonds or anything else related to minerals. There are only two things that he fears, the
safety of his friends and him being captured and sold as the biggest diamond in the world.
His life is always in danger, since he does have a body that can literally be modified into diamond, which
would make him the biggest in the world. Because of this, he had developed an extreme case of claustrophobia
and fear of humans, and the only humans that he trusts are his fellow bad guys.

He has few weaknesses, but maybe the most prevalent might be ultra-sonic sound. The right frequency might
be enough to crack him.

He uses his extremely agile and strong extending neck to travel from place to place, and can use it
as a giant whip arm. But, despite his large and built stature, his neck arm is actually quite maneuverable,
and can pick up the tiniest piece of fuzz.

Think of his neck arm like an elephant's nose. It has the ability to lift him up and other large items, or
be extremely cautious and docile.

His weakness would be mechanical since he is a mechanical being.

No, his super power is not being outrageously purple, it's the ability to absorb and utilize other people's powers
and abilities. It is unknown if he is human/ alien, or cybernetic.

However, a disadvantage of this is that he is only experienced enough to absorb 2-3 three powers of people
at a time, and also in addition to having a limit on the a amount of power he can absorb, he also absorbs
fears and weaknesses as well. So if he absorbs let's say... Kid Flash's speed power, all you might have to do
if he doesn't have anyone else's powers, is lift him up in the air... well, until he starts to wave his arms and
create a tornado.

He has to touch you to absorb your power. The longer he holds on to you, the more of your power gets transferred
to him, but they're not permanent.

Mob boss with a web tattoo on his left cheek, whose plans always involved a different angle, and was caught
thanks to Joan Mason, girl reporter and Blue Beetle's girlfriend.

A scary kid with scary powers. Looking just like he escaped from a circus mental institution, he has the power to
create illusions. He's also sorta like a mini Mr. Miracle, he can escape from the most bizarre of situations. Like if you
drop a piano on him, he'll come out unscathed. He might even do a little dance at the end, just to antagonize you.

So I totally changed the character on this one. His clown look was inspired by Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects
character Captain Spaulding. Since they had the same word, I decided to incorporate a clown theme with this
character. As for the spider part, I decided to make the tope of his hair look like a spider's web, but it's more
prominent if you look down at him when you're floating above him. No one really knows his background since he doesn't
talk to the other villains much, in fact, he doesn't speak much at all. He's a mystery to everyone, and extremely
unpredictable. He'll only fights during certain times, and will not warn you if he decides to show up or leave.

It seems that the only words he knows is "just a little more," and "perfect."

Take that as you will.



 Blue Beetle: Khaji Da +STAGE TWO+ by dou-hong Blue Beetle: Reach Warriors by dou-hong Young Justice Concepts: Reach Negotiator by dou-hong 

Is college kicking anyone else's butt? XDD
April Fool's Giveaway: Watermelon Steven FUNKO

So April Fool’s was yesterday, and it seems that my Watermelon Steven Funko is out of a job! He doesn’t like being alone, so he needs a loving home! So… if you’d like the chance to win this fruity little guy, come on and enter my giveaway! And don’t worry, April Fool’s was yesterday, so this is legit, lol!

Post April Fool’s Giveaway: Watermelon Steven Funko

Giveaway Requirements (YOUTUBE ONLY)

  1. Subscribe
  2. List the question(s) that you have about animation! Questions can range from anything, animation, work hours, college, loans, how did I stay sane in school, networking, promoting yourself, tips for saving money, etc…  Looking forward to seeing your questions!

I am planning to make an in depth Q&A type of series for animation on my channel (hopefully with some of my co-workers), so any questions that you have would be greatly appreciated. They will be credited as well. And again, this is a YOUTUBE ONLY giveaway, you’ll see what i mean when you click on the link! Good luck ladies and gents!

Winner chosen at noon Friday, April 8th, 2016!

Also, I updated my Mario Galaxy Let’s play!-


1. Subscribe to me on Youtube
2. Leave a comment in the comment box below telling me your favorite episode on Steven Universe! (ON YOUTUBE)


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